Selected Works

Electronic / Electroacoustic

Nocturnes (2018):

A duet for improvising electronics.

Church of the Broken God (2017):

"The Prophet spake unto her followers: 'Hear me, Children of the Fragmented One, for I come Bearing the Truth.'" Based on SCP-882, SCP-217, SCP-2217. Fixed media, eight channels.

Lost and Found (2017):

Sister piece for

Church of the Broken God.

Fixed media in 8 channels.

Anterograde (2016):

How long will it take until you notice that the world's moving on without you?
Anterograde amnesia is a condition in which the individual's ability to commit short-term memories to long-term storage is compromised. Fixed media, in two channels.

Leide, Taylored (2016):

Wispy memories of a particularly strong personality. An iterative 8-channel work created through layering over previous performances.

Strawberry Vinaigrette (2016):

Fruit salad, smothered in vinaigrette. Which fruit is the winner? The orange.

Conversation (2016):

For clarinet and fixed media.

With Custom Instruments

Alata (2018):

custom controller (3D printed materials, Arduino, sensors), Max/MSP.

How does this sound feel? (2017):

For Max/MSP and custom controller (cap, guitar wires, piezo discs). Video coming soon.

Untitled Instrument (2017):

custom controller (KL25Z, wood, humidity sensor), Max/MSP.


Alumroot (2017):

For two soprano and one alto voices. Inspired by color perception and yarn colorways.

Do You Hear What I'm Seeing? (2016):

For any group of instruments more than two. Based on sound-color synesthesia. Audio

Medium Transparency (2016):

For any group of instruments and a score-player, using painted transparencies on a projector (image above).


Tearrarium (2017):

Intervention between sadness and renewal, made through UC Berkeley's Critical Practices.

Therapi (2017):

Physical therapy device, made through UC Berkeley's Interactive Device Design.